Everyone dreams of having their home built. It’s a wonderful time but one which is also filled with uncertainties. There are so any queries in mind which need answers. Before you hire home builders in Brisbane, make sure you ask them the following questions.

How much is allowed for customisation?

The major reason why people prefer having their home built rather than buy one already in the market is the appeal of customization. However, it should be kept in mind that while builders might appreciate your input there are not many who allow you complete customization. They would provide you with already designed floor plan which could do with a few amends but not a complete overhaul. If you could work around that it’s well and good. If you want something customized according to your specific needs, make sure you mention it to the builder. Too many customisation can also make the budget go higher than necessary.

Is the model home standard or upgraded?

If you are considering buying a model home, keep in mind that most builders want to show off their best work so a model home is usually an upgrade of the standard home. You need to pay more for a model home because of all the customisation made in it. When buying a model home make sure you keep the budget in mind.

Can I get references?

If you actually want to know how a builder works, get a few references. Home owners who have purchased homes by a particular builder would be able to give you a fairly good idea of what they think about the builder. They would brief you of any qualities which might come to their mind or any problems or issues which they faced during the building period. Don’t be swayed over by one good or bad reference. Make sure you follow up on most of the references which are provided. If possible make sure to ask permission to visit the homes as well.

What’s the time taken to build a home from scratch?

While building a home isn’t an exact science, but still having a time line in mind can be pretty helpful. The builder should have at least rough idea of the time it would take to lay the foundation, frame the house and paint the walls. With a move in date in mind you can get on with the formalities as well.

Do they offer a warranty on the homes they build?

If there is a single contractor responsible for building the home, you may need to ask more about the warranty which they offer. While new homes built by different contractors may have warranties on some areas. The right warranty is one in which all the major areas of a home are covered.

The decision to have a home built is an important one. Use the tips above on how to find the best home builder so that you can have the home of your dreams.

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