Hybrid is one of the latest flooring options to have hit the home renovation market. It is a rigid floating floor which is normally a hybrid or a combination of laminate and vinyl. Hybrid floors comprise of multi layers which add to the sturdiness of the floor.

It consists of the following layers:

  • The surface comprises of UV coating which provides the floor with a hard resistance which makes it a great deal more durable than other flooring options.
  • A decorative layer which is somewhat made to resemble like wood. It’s a replica of a hard wood floor which looks just like wood.
  • A composite board made from limestone
  • An acoustic backing provides comfort underfoot and also prevents noise from travelling from one level to another.

All this layers combine to make a hybrid hard wood flooring which is extremely durable and log wearing. Since its durable it can’t last for years without having to carry out frequent maintenance.

While hybrid floors tend to be pretty resilient they are still prone to scratching. Any sharp objects lodged into the floor can damage it. However, it is up to you to prevent anything like that. Dents can be prevented by placing soft pads under the furniture.

Reasons to invest in hybrid flooring

There’s reason to invest in the most innovative hybrid floor options. Check out the list below.

Hybrid floors are water proof

Hybrid floors are a combination of vinyl and laminate flooring. As a result it’s not prone to moisture and is water proof. Unlike hardwood floors which expand and contract when exposed to moisture, hybrid floors stay put and do not deteriorate thus making them a great choice.

People who have children and pets know that preventing water spills is quite tough with hybrid floors you don’t need to worry about those spills. Just wipe it off and your floor is as good as new.

Since the floors are water proof these tend to look good as new. Even the moisture from the wet mop isn’t absorbed into the floor so it retains its shine year after year.

It has a seamless look

Hybrid floors have a seam less look which looks simple yet quite elegant. These days homes with open plans are quite popular and the seamless look compliments the complete space giving it a minimalistic and classy air.

Hybrid floors are very durable

If you have a home where you might have to worry about regular flooring you would be more than happy to know that hybrid floors are very durable. This means you don’t have to worry about causing any damage to the flooring.

This durability means that the floor is also easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need any kind of special products or equipment to care for hybrid flooring.

Just simple vacuuming and sweeping the floor on alternate basis is enough to maintain it and keep it looking as good as new.

Hybrid flooring is a great option for people who want to have something which looks unique and beautiful yet it easy to maintain.



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