After years of saving up and contemplating, you finally buy the perfect dream house. It’s everything you ever wanted, the high ceilings, spacious rooms and the gorgeous earthen wooden floors stretch across your entire walking space. The look of a new wooden floor is a luxury bringing with it its own sense of comfort and serenity. The floor you walk on is now a treasured path spanning the rooms and guests always compliment the wooden floor. It’s quite a visual.

Fast forward almost a decade or more and the feeling you once had is no longer there. Something’s changed and you’re having a hard time putting a finger on it. Like all things that require maintenance and replacement, wooden floors do too. The good news here however, is that it does not need replacement, a wooden floor can be brought back to life with something as simple as a floor sanding done by a professional.

Floor sanding alone is an art and is the answer to homes that have started to look dull and old. The difference a new looking floor can make is astounding. Other benefits that follow are an increase in value, aesthetic and above all content once again.

Floor sanding services located in Brisbane work in a careful and meticulous way. When you’ve decided that you’d like your old wooden floors to look anew it’s time to set up an appointment. The first step involves the wooden floor to be inspected for any nails or protrusions. Nails are either hammered down or removed depending on how sustainable they are. Overtime wooden panels may become loose and elevate at an end which need to be secured and the levelling off the floor needs to be corrected. The floor is also carefully studied for worm infestations or pest problems. Once those are all sorted, sanding machines make their entrance. There are mainly two types of sanding machines, one being in close resemblance to a hoover and the other taking the shape of a sanding disc that contact the floor needing to be worked on. Floor sanding begins with a coarse grit to get rid of the major imperfections and reveal the actual wood underneath. Hard to reach corners and nooks can be sanded down with what is called an edger that conforms easily to small spaces and sometimes by hand as well.  Floor sanding reveals the new face of the wood just like the removal of dead skin after a facial, bringing that impeccable after glow.

If it’s been a considerable number of years it’s time to call floor sanding services in Brisbane to take care of your dull floors. Replacing them is costlier and completely unnecessary when floor sanding can make them look as good as new. The process does not take very long and is followed by stains and polishing of your desire, which also allows the option of changing the tint and renovating the wood.

Have a thorough look at your current wooden floor and opt to bring back the shine it once had by floor sanding available in Brisbane. Your family and floors will thank you to bring back the joy after years!


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