No amendment to the law on self-defense was presented by the 5 Star Movement and the League. The provision, approved by the Senate, is being examined by the House Justice Committee. At the end of the deadline for the presentation of amendments, set at 4:00 pm, a total of eighty are deposited, mainly for Forza Italia, Pd, LeU and mixed group.

“We have not compromised with the 5 Star Movement, for us the text of the measure approved by the Senate is perfect”. This was stated by the Northern League deputy Riccardo Marchetti, vice-president of the House Justice Committee regarding the draft law on self-defense, under discussion at Montecitorio and on which the Salvini party has not presented any amendments, as well as the M5s. “The text will go to the Chamber in early February, except for hitches that I do not believe will be there,” he added.

Forza Italy who criticized the text of the Lega ruling saying that it is less clear than what would have presented a center-right government, Marchetti replied: “It is also so”, and added: “The proposal of FI I do not say that is propaganda but certainly is a way to show that they are more determined .. “. Finally, on the criticism of having been limited by the M5s, Marchetti denied saying: “We were sure that, having already voted in the Senate, the 5S would have followed the Senate colleagues.The text has already been discussed and improved, we are confident”.

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