The type of wallpaper you hang in your baby’s nursery creates a particular atmosphere for them. So take great care while selecting a wallpaper. Every parent or to-be-parents want the best for their children. That is why they spent countless hours preparing the nursery to give the best treatment to the babies.

As a parent, you invest in the safety and health of your baby. That implies that the surrounding of the baby must be kept pristine. While it easy to maintain safety and health, finding the right decoration for a nursery is a painstaking process. Apart from looking at the theme, you have to consider trends, patterns, colours, and how to match them.

Notable ideas to try

The range of nursery wallpapers of ideas is massive. What type of baby nursery wallpaper would you choose? Some of them are listed below:

  • Modern trends: people like using what is trending. You can take this option too. However, you need to do some thorough research, to determine among the latest trend, which one suits your environment. Currently, floral wallpaper trend a lot. The best part is that the flowers always make an excellent choice for the nursery. You can choose petalled flowers or sot foliage.
  • Scandinavian option: if you have a styled nursery, then the Scandinavian type makes a better option. This wallpaper is excellent at offering cosiness in neutral tones and minimal décor.
  • Pattern: the range of patterns is undoubtedly extensive. Each pattern works well for a particular wall. For instance, on imperfect walls, you can use patterns that have lots of repetitions. Such patterns, mask the blemishes from the wall.

Patterns are great at communicating messages. If you choose a tighter pattern, it will make the room appear busy. This isn’t bad; however, if you have a large room to cover, it can appear overwhelming. Using stripes, on the other hand, gives a different impression. Vertical lines make the nursery ceiling seem so high while turning it horizontally makes the nursery appear wider.

  • Colour: do you still select pink for girls and blue for boys? There are lots of other colours to make your nursery appealing. If you want glamour, you can go with multi-coloured themes. The best thing is to start with neutral colours (can be gender-neutral) such as blue and brown for boys, which you can redecorate as your child grows. Still, adding some gold brings out more glamour. How will your child feel if you decorate using a navy blue wallpaper and with glittering gold stars?
  • Hanging mechanism: you can choose from the non-pasted, pre-pasted and self-adhesive wallpapers. Each of these wallpapers is unique. The non-pasted wallpapers do not come with adhesive. So you have to apply an adhesive while handling. They are tough when it comes to removing them.

Pre-pasted kind came with an adhesive. However, you have to add some water to make them stick on the wall. This kind is easy to peel off. Lastly, the self-adhesive is like a large sticker, they stick on the wall, thanks to the strong adhesive they come with.

As babies grow, they will start exploring the room. The wall hanging must remain exciting to them. The type of wall hanging you put must not be overwhelming for the children. If they feel overwhelmed with patterns, colour, and graphics, they’ll find the room more uncomfortable; a condition called overstimulation.




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