A well thought out installed air conditioner is one of the long-term investments which add value to a business, but you cannot feel the effects immediately. Air conditioning systems in your business brings personal comfort to you and your employees, not forgetting your esteemed clients. It is an extra mileage for your business to have your air conditioning systems installed by reputed companies because they will leave you with satisfaction and peace of mind because of the quality workmanship rich with long-term experience. More so, in case of failures, rest assured they will fix or replace the system. It is a better idea to consult first with the installers so they can give you advice on the system that will serve you best.


Air conditioning products


Wall hung the split system

Split system air conditioning has an indoor unit connected via a pipe through the wall onto the outdoor unit. Both units are clean, versatile and energy-efficient, so they cannot add to huge electricity bills already. They are environment-friendly and produce little to no noise while running. They are user-friendly. The majority of the systems are designed to provide cooling only, although nowadays they have been improvised to provide both cooling and heating using a principle called reverse cycle air conditioning. They are designed with elegant designs that can blend with interior decor. Split systems come with infra-red remote control used to operate and control the systems. They are flexible and can be mounted anywhere on the wall and are highly customisable. Modern split systems have built-in Wi-Fi adaptors that will allow wireless connectivity with handheld gadgets like cell phones; hence can be controlled using mobile phones.

Additionally, some modern split systems come with improvised sensors that are highly programmable and can be blended with deodorising agents that will purify the air and gets rid of harmful particles in the air like smoke and pollen, which can cause diseases, they can be blended with perfumes to give a pleasant smell. The resulting air is fresh, clean, and healthy air. These systems come in three models, depending on the operation ability of the system and configuration. First is the inverter model, secondly non-inverter model, and lastly, the multi-split system.

Window or room air conditioning system

These are the most economical air conditioning units for budget-conscious nerds. They are low priced and readily available in most outlets. They are easy to install, one can do it for himself, but caution: it is better done by a specialist just in case! They can be readily installed in the power approved points on the walls or fitted onto the windows for noise reduction because they are self-contained in a single casing, everything inside- the compressor, the condenser, all inside. These air conditioning systems are popular with caravans and tents to provide temporary cooling or heating in case of reverse cycle air conditioner models.


Cassette air conditioning

They are compactly designed and flush-mounted in the ceiling space. The air is sucked through the middle grills into the unit and pushed back through the four louvers on the sides. These units are ideal for small space rooms, where it is not possible to install ducts for air conditioning. They are energy efficient and produce minimal noise while running. The fact that the front face of the system can protrude on the ceiling while the rest of the body remains inside the ceiling creates a beautiful view that blends with interior decor.

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