A camping trip does not have to be completely written off when caravan awnings can make things comfortable and enjoyable. The simple but delightful pleasures of spending some time in the great outdoors can be enjoyed securely and comfortably with the help of caravan awnings.

An extra “space” or “room” is instantly provided to sleep, socialise or serve as storage space for outdoor equipment and gear is achieved with the use of caravan awnings.

The caravan awnings for sale in the market make camping trips an attractive prospect to look forward to.


Choosing the right type of caravan awnings


The right size of caravan awning is the first thing to consider before anything else. A caravan awning has to suit the size of your caravan to deem it the right one for you.

Another thing to consider is the purpose of the awning. A larger-sized awning will be a perfect choice if you want extra space for the family to relax, to socialise or to serve food.

Porch awnings can be considered for two people that only want ample space to serve as extra storage for their stuff.


Inflatable vs. conventional caravan awnings


Inflatable caravan awnings have become the popular model for many campers and caravan owners. It seems that caravan awnings with conventional poles have become things of the past.

Be that as it may, the choice between conventional and inflatable caravan awnings depends on taste and preference. However, when it comes to convenience, inflatable caravan awnings win hands down.

Inflatable caravan awnings are not only quick to put up, but they are also easier to store as well as lighter to use. All it needs is filling the supports and frames with air and your extra space is good to go.


Porch-style awnings

Shorter camping trips do not need large and elaborate caravan awnings. Going for porch-style awnings provide practical but useful equipment for short outdoor trips. Its small size makes the awning easy to set up and to store away after. This style of awning takes less than 5 minutes to put up while providing a good amount of extra space. Most porch-style awnings come in inflatable types, making them lightweight and easy to put up anytime and anywhere. The window and door feature of the front panels of the awning makes it the ideal awning to have during short outdoor trips.


Small conventional awnings

Small conventional awnings offer the most affordable option for campers that want quality without breaking the bank. Simple and practical, small conventional awnings feature durable poles that are easy to assemble and disassemble after use.

The outstanding feature for this type of awning other than its great price is its flame-retardant and waterproof fabric.


Combination of conventional and inflatable awnings

Combining the best features of both conventional and inflatable types is an awning that takes two minutes to set up while using poles to make the attachment to one side of the campervan strong and sturdy.

Resistance to weather conditions such as wind, snow, and the sun is provided by the twin stitches and twin-taped seams in the fabric.

Living in a camper or taking short camping trips has become easy, safe, and comfortable with the extra “room” provided by caravan awnings. The varied shapes, sizes, and designs of caravan awnings offer tailor-made remedies for any person that loves to commune with nature.



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